Мастерская мозаики Сергея Щербака

Sergey Shcherbak's
Mosaic Workshop

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Sergey Shcherbak

Muralist, graduate of the Baron Stieglitz Academy, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the International Association of Mosaicists in Ravenna (Italy) AIMC (International Association of contemporary mosaicists), participant of Russian and international exhibitions. 

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

«Mosaic is by far the oldest of the decorative arts, the most attractive for performance and learning, it can be contemplated endlessly...The mosaic shakes and surprises with its monumentality, once you see an iridescent living and shimmering set, you will forever fall into the captivity of this shimmer and become a fan and a willing servant of an incomparable and sublime craft»

Mosaic floors
Whatever you choose — marble carpets, friezes on the walls and on the floor, inserts into combined surfaces using semi-precious stones - the interior can be considered accomplished if it has mosaic decor, because mosaic — like nothing else - fills and enriches the space, obviously due to the antiquity of its origin and the sustainable energy of this art form.
Designer art objects
Many of our customers are looking for non-standard solutions to make the living space look like them! And only next to the carved portal, which frames the fireplace cassette wide and cordially, they can feel at home. A wrought-iron table with a warm mosaic top disposes to a leisurely conversation, and chairs made of solid trunks of bicentennial trees are generally extreme for people with imagination!
Temple mosaic

Mosaic is one of the oldest impressive and practical ways to decorate temples.

SPA area and swimming pool

Mosaic as a facing material is more than two thousand years old, and it still does not lose its relevance. However, the popularity of mosaics is easy to explain – it is beautiful and practical.

Mosaic panels

A mosaic panel is a picture or an ornament made up of mosaics. There are several technologies for the production of mosaic panels – the method of artistic splitting and matrix laying.



Мастерская мозаики Сергея Щербака — это место, где рождаются новые мозаичные творения.


Workshop: Shuvalovo, Staroorlovskaya str., 43A
E-mail: cultgallery@gmail.com